2010 ‘carte blanche’ grant

Victor Massip / Laurent Lebot
Assisted by Céline Bécu, Arthur Senant et Danielle Wielezynski

VIA Carte Blanche Grant
In the framework of its mission to promote and valorize French creation, every year VIA awards one or several ‘Carte Blanche’ grants to designers whose originality and maturity of creative approach are outstanding for the period. A committee attributes this research grant to the selected designer to enable him/her to develop a personal project of a prospective character, which may involve improved functional logic or the use of new materials or technologies.

The Faltazi were selected for this award by a commission of professionals active in all the branches of the furnishing industry, who met in February 2008 and December 2009. Its members are: Michel Bouisson (VIA, head of creation assistance grants & relations with design schools), Jean-Louis Fréchin (Nodesign, designer & teacher at ENSCI-Les Ateliers), Yves Gradelet (VIA, head of exhibitions), Gérard Laizé (VIA, chief executive), Fiona Meadows (Cité de l’Architecture, architect & researcher), Franc’ Pairon (IFM, directress of postgraduate studies in fashion design), Claire Peillot (ESAD Rheims, directress), Catherine Pierre (AMC Le Moniteur architecture, journalist), Nicolas Roche (Roche&Bobois, director of furniture ranges).
Exhibition VIA until March 14th 2010
33,bd Daumesnil Paris 12e
www.via.fr - www.faltazi.com